Sólhlíf – Brilliant Black


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Hægt að festa á allar tegundir af kerrum og barnavögnum.

Stayin’ out of the sun has never been more fun! A stroller parasol can be a necessity on days when the wonderful sunshine just makes you want to spend all day outside. Make sure you choose one that will enhance the look of your stroller as well as being super effective and easy to use. Elodie Details’ Stroller Parasols are all those things. It clasps on easily to any stroller frame and the double joints makes positioning the parasol in any angle quick and easy.

Size: 85 cm long when folded, 62 cm diameter when up.
Material: 100% Pongee polyester.
Extra: Sun protection factor UPF 50

Material: Polyester fabric + dull black steel
Length: 85 cm
Diameter: 62 cm
UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor): 50
Article Number: 50230111122NA
To remove stains, surface dab using a wet cloth. Allow to dry completely before placing it in its pouch.


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