Snuggle – Humble Hugo


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Yndislegu bangsarnir frá Elodie er frábær gjöf frá fæðingu og uppúr.

Bangsarnir standast EN 71 öryggispróf og hafa enga áfesta hluti sem gætu skaðað barnið.

Elodie’s family of Snuggle friends are soft toys made with high quality craftsmanship and attention to decorative little details. Every member of the large family is a compassionate companion with a unique personality. They are ready to become a trusted friend to their new owner for many years. Look for the many colour matching products in the rest of Elodie’s assortment to create wonderful gift sets.

Safety tested soft toy
Tested and approved according to the EN-71 safety standard, the Snuggle does not feature any detachable parts or other potentially unsafe features.

Hug-friendly for years and years
The high-quality craftsmanship and carefully determined filling amount make them hug-friendly and whole for many, many years.

Great gift idea
A quality soft toy is always a great gift for any young child. In Elodie’s assortment you will find many perfectly colour-matched products to accompany the Snuggle in a beautiful gift set.


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