Being well organized should look as good as it feels. Elodie’s Organizer gives you just that. Simply attach it to the handlebars of your stroller to keep all the important stuff where you need it, when you need it.
Unlike many similar products the lid of Elodie’s Organizer can be completely closed with a high-quality zipper to keep everything looking neat and tidy. Inside the lid you’ll find a small loop that lets you hang the organizer from a wall hook for easier and more sanitary access to everything. The Organizer has four smaller compartments inside and two discreet outside pockets for your phone, keys, and wallet.

Carries all that you need
Perfectly sized to fit everything you need for a diaper change on the go, plus a little extra.

Closable lid
Makes sure everything stays in place and gives the organizer a tidy look.

Easy to attach and adjust
Velcro loops with adjustable length lets you choose how close to the handlebars of your stroller it should hang.

Outside pockets
There are two discrete pockets on the outside that are perfectly sized for your phone and wallet.

Durable fabric
The cotton/polyester blend is of a high quality that won’t wear down. Once the diaper changing days are over, upcycle it as perfect toiletry bag on your travels.


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