Matarskál með skeið – Sílikon – Mineral Green


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Material: Bowl: 100% Silicone | Spoon: 50% Silicone, 50% Stainless Steel
Dimensions: Bowl: 37 cm Ø | Spoon: 14 cm
Article Number: 60245200184NA

This beautiful bowl for first-time eaters is made with BPA-free, food grade silicone. The material lets you heat up food directly in the bowl and is virtually unbreakable. It will last for years even if it gets dropped or even thrown to the floor every day. It will not chip, crack, dent or break.

The chunky and rounded spoon gives tiny hands a good grip, and the rounded edge design of the bowl encourages self-feeding from your toddler by making it easy to scoop up the food. The smart suction ring lets the bowl sticks to any flat surface, giving you less floor scrubbing as a bonus.

Smart Suction pads
The smart suction pads make the bowl and plate stick to any flat surface, and helps first-time eaters get the most out of their meals.

No harmful substances
The bowl is made completely from food grade silicone.

Perfectly sized
The bowl is 9 cm in height and has a diameter of 12 cm. The spoon is 14,5 cm long.

Easy use
The bowl and spoon are dishwasher safe. The bowl is microwave safe.


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