House of Elodie fataslá viður (viðbót)


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Material: 100% Wood
Width: 55 cm
Height: 119 cm
Article Number: 70335117149NA

Please note that this product needs to be combined with House of Elodie — leikgrind.

Designed to upcycle with three necessities in one — House of Elodie is your ultimate Baby gym, Snuggle house and Clothing rack. This unique multi-use product will be your haven when trying to figure out how to buy less, while still making sure your child has everything that he or she needs.

  • When combining this Clothing Rack with House of Elodie — leikgrind, you get the ultimate Clothing Rack with hangers for your child — a given interior detail in the nursery or kids room.
  • Four wooden extension legs and one stabilizer.
  • Ten matching baby size hangers are included to complete the beautiful display of your child’s clothes.
  • A conscious choice for the baby nursery, as it is designed to upcycle when your baby grows.
  • The color and grain pattern of the wood may vary as it is a natural material.


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